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  1. مشروع تجريبي اسرائيلي لدرون صغير ستعمل مع جنود الجيش الاسرائيلي ستحمل رشاش m4 وكاميرا بصرية للقتال ضد الافراد هل ستكون الفكرة عملية ام انها مجرد للظهور الاعلامي لانها ستكون ضعيفة وسهلة الاستهداف وهذه اهم عيوبها The Israeli army is acquiring modified multi-rotor drones to carry M4, SR25, 40-millimeter grenade launcher, CS gas launcher and a variety of other weapons to increase its capacity in three-dimensional urban combat. TIKAD is the result of the work in Duke Robotics, a startup based in Florida, who also presented his model to the US Army. Lieutenant Colonel Raziel “Razi” Atuar, a 20-year veteran of the Israeli army and reservist for Israel’s Special Forces, co-founded the company in 2014 along with parachute engineer Sagiv Aharon. “You have small groups [of adversaries] working in crowded civilian areas and using civilians as shields, but you have to get in. Even to catch a couple of guys with a mortar, you have to send a battalion and lose the boys. People are hurt. The operational challenge, we were upset, “said Atuar. TIKAD represents a breakthrough in the design of urban combat drones, so far you could be able to mount a pistol but the drone will move chaotically with each shot as the expanding gases expel the bullet with force and exert a force equal and opposite to whatever it is that holds the weapon, in this case the dron. Known as the Newton´s Third Law was presented as a major obstacle in the installation of combat devices in a dron but now through a system develop by Duke Robotics , TIKAD distributes the moment of recoil in such a way that it remains stationary in the air with six degrees of freedom of movement and the ability to quickly redirect the weapon and camera. At the moment it can load up to 9 kgs of combat devices, but the key is the system that allows it to maintain its stability in the air, so it is expected that in the coming decades, more and more tactical operations squadrons will have this type of urban combat drones. Gabriel Bazzolo www.qudron.com
  2. [ATTACH]37385.IPB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]37386.IPB[/ATTACH] These night vision binocular will be produced soon in Egypt by #AIO co. under license from the #Greek company (Theon) مصدر