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  1. East Asia has become the world's hot spots, especially around Chinese threatened by growing crises multiple hotspots signs of danger appearing everywhere, the situation is triggered at any moment behind this trend, of course, cannot do without the shadow of Western beauty. On the day before, the U.S. "national interest" magazine published the article observers cited in 2017 3 of the world's most likely outbreak of armed conflict is the most dangerous hot spots, of which two Chinese even in neighboring countries. In the "national interest magazine" in this article, the author believes that the risk of the first Korean Peninsula conflict is still great, secondly is suffering from domestic war ravaged Syria, ranked third in the India Pakistan border area. The article also believes that the outbreak of cyberspace may be a comprehensive war between the big powers". Military analysts believe that the current world situation has undergone profound changes, especially the security environment surrounding China face compared with the past more complicated diversification, showing the overall stability and local severe security problems, more complex situation. One of the most outstanding performance is around the unstable and uncertain factors increase greatly, especially the United States President elect Trump came to power, Sino US relations is full of uncertainties, these factors if you can't handle, handled properly, is likely to bring great threats and challenges to national security. As everyone knows, the Korean Peninsula recently repeated because of North Korea's nuclear and missile tests, the increasingly tense relations with the United States, South Korea, Japan, South Korea has held a joint military drill in North Korea, even thousands of miles away in Britain are put on foot, rushed over to attend "the beheading of the DPRK leader," the United States and the British Air Force joint exercises. North Korea has repeatedly threatened to "nuke Guam" to "Seoul erased from the earth". In the current South Korean deployment of Sade and Pu Jinhui "bestie intervention" crisis, the Korean Peninsula is very likely outbreak of large-scale military conflict, but the difference was a "blast". Syria's civil war ravaged, despite the recent strong support in Russia, to combat extremist organization Triumphant news keeps pouring in. rattling all the way, however, the US led international coalition is Xinyoubugan, often set up, even repeatedly bombing the Syria army, plus Russia has suspended the Syria ceasefire in cooperation on the issue, Russia and the United States does not exclude the outbreak of accidental conflict in Syria may. The biggest "pain spot" between India and Pakistan is kashmir. Frequent fire incidents in the border areas of India and Pakistan, but tensions between the two countries intensified, the situation in violation of the ceasefire increased significantly, almost every day there are incidents such as border crossfire reports. Especially in the early morning of September 29th militants attacked Kashmir India garrison killed 19 soldiers died, the two sides continue to erupt small-scale armed conflict. In late November, Pakistan also claimed a shootout with the India army near the Kashmir border, killing 6 soldiers in India. Pakistan is one of the most well China iron brother door, if the situation further exacerbated once Pakistan war, the United States and Chinese may also be dragged into. China borders on 14 countries on land and adjacent to the sea of 6 countries. These surrounding war risks to China directly bring new security pressures and challenges. China has long said, "never allow anyone in the mouth of China Health war", but once the war, what should we do, this need to use the wisdom of the big powers to properly handle.