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    Conflict Studies Research Centre
    Middle East Series 05/43
    Cooperation in the Israeli-Turkish Defence Industry
    Eugene Kogan
    Key Points
    بحث عن التعاون العسكري الاسرائيلي التركي
    البحث مطول و سيتم ارفاقه و لكن سيتم تناول الموضوع في شكل نقاط مختصره لعدم تطويل الموضوع
    ملحوظه البحث نشر بتاريخ 2005 لذلك المعلومات به ربما تكون قديمه و لكنها الاهم
    لانه عند بدء دراسه تطور بلد او علاقات عسكريه يجب تتبعها من بدايتها
    * The balance of cooperation between Turkish and Israeli defence industries over the last nine years does not fall on the side of Turkey. The Turkish defence industry has not yet accomplished what it set out to do when it signed the defence industry cooperation agreement with Israel on 28 November 1996, namely to be self-sufficient. Capabilities have not yet improved, in spite of expectations that the transfer of technology from Israel would provide it with the necessary know-how.
    Technology transfer alone has not been sufficient to improve the standard substantially.
    ميزان العلاقه العسكريه بين تركيا و اسرائيل في التسع سنوات السابقه ( سابقه ل 2005 ) لم يكن يصب في صالح الجانب التركي 
    الصناعات العسكريه التركيه لم تحقق بعد ما كانت تتطلع اليه عند توقيع اتفاقيه التعاون العسكري مع اسرائيل في 28 نوفمبر 1996 لتكون مكتفيه ذاتيا بالعموم
    القدرات لم تكتمل بعد بالرغم من استثنائات نقل التكنولوجيا من اسرائيل الي تركيا التي امدت تركيا بالمعرفه الكافيه لكن نقل التكنولوجيا وحده لم يحقق التطور الملحوظ
    * At the same time, the Turkish industrial market provided Israeli companies with a workload and very important income.However, the Israeli defence industry needs to listen to the complaints of its Turkish counterpart, otherwise it may lose further contracts in Turkey. The cooperation has been and still is that between a junior and a senior partner. Undoubtedly, the management of the Turkish defence industry and the
    Undersecretariat for Defence Industries will strive to change this into cooperation between equals. However, this may take longer than is presently anticipated.في المقابل امد السوق التركي المصانع الاسرائيليه و العماله الاسرائيليه بضغط الاعمال و بالدخل
    و لكن علي اسرائيل السماع لشكوي النظراء التركيين و الا ستفقد العقود المستقبيليه في تركيا

    العلاقه كانت و لا تزال علاقه بين صغير ( تركيا) و كبير ( اسرائيل ) 
    و لا شك ان اداره الصناعه الدفاعيه التركيه و مكيال الصناعه العسكريه سيتغير للعلاقه بين اقران و لكن هذا سيأخذ وقت اكثر من المتوقع
    * Cooperation in the military field has proved to be of a high quality, without ambiguities and with a very clear purpose.
    This has been and still is the driving force. In addition, cooperation included both countries' Western ally, the United
    States, demonstrating their determination to achieve not just
    interoperability in naval and air exercises, but also a better dialogue on strategic issues.
    التعاون علي المستوي العسكري اثبت جودته
    بالاضاقه الي التعاون الثنائي كلاهما متعاون مع شريك اخر مشترك هو الولايات المتحده
    تظهر مظاهر التصميم علي تحقيق التعاون في التدريبات البحريه و الجويه المشتركه بين اسرائيل و تركيا ليس فقط في تحقيق تعاون عسكري و لكن لايجاد حوار افضل فيما يتعلق بالقضايا الاستراتيجيه
    * Bilateral trade provides a necessary cushion and, as a result, brings a necessary balance. The increase in bilateral trade, from $US18 million in 1987 to $US2 billion in 2004,
    underscores its importance and further potential.
    The future of cooperation also appears secure because of
    the potential dangers from Syria and Iran to Israel, and Iran to
    ازدادت التجاره الثنائيه من 18 مليون عام 1987 الي 2 مليار في 2004
    مستقبل التعاون يبدو امنا في ظل التهديد السوري و الايراني الي اسرائيل و ايران الي تركياAircraft upgradeتطوير الطائراتFor instance,Shaul Mofaz, Israeli Minister of Defence pledged to oversee an Elbit SystemsLimited contract coveringphoto-reconnaissance systems for the Turkish Air Force after Elbit failed to meet the supply date. Elbit is under threat of losing a $US35million contract to sell its long-range Oblique Photography System to the Turkish Air Force. The company encountered difficulties in developing the system’s realtime communications capability. the F-4 upgrade programme, discussed below, did prove to be a successful F-4 Phantom:Defense Newsnoted that the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Limited programme that angered Turkish procurement authorities was the $US700 million programme that was launched in the late 1990s to upgrade 54 F-4 Phantomfighters for the Turkish Air Force. Turkish procurement officials have alleged excessive pricing of spare parts by IAI,7 however they have been satisfied with the F-
    4 upgrade programme as such. This point has been supported by Vecdi Gonul, who expressed satisfaction with IAI’s upgrade of 54 F-4s to the Phantom 2020تطوير عدد 54 طائره اف 4 الي معيار فانتوم 2020 بقيمه 700 مليون دولارC-130E:Jane’s Defence Weeklyreported in 2002 that Turkey and IAI had beennegotiating a contract covering the avionics upgrade of seven C-130E transport aircraft in service with the Turkish Air Force Command (TAFC). The programme was worth $US7.8 million at the time. Local defence industry sources said that IAI would have to provide additional funding if an agreement is signed, since the project could be accomplished for the new price,9 which had not been specified.Turkey’s procurement office, the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (also known as Savunma Sanayii Mustesarligi (SSM) in Turkish, had decided in early April 2003 to end contract negotiations with IAI due to persistent differences overpricing and technical issues.10 In addition, in April 2003 the Undersecretariat ordered IAI’s bid bond for the contract to be cashed in. The Ankara-based defence analyst said that this was the first time that the Undersecretariat had moved tocash in a contender’s bid bond in the whole history of Turkish defenceprocurement. He also added that `It reflects growing unease in Ankara about Israeli bidders´. A Turkish official said that although the contract was small in amount, it had strategic importance. Another official clarified the importance of the contract by saying that the contract could have paved the way for other similar contracts. One senior Turkish military official further added that, `We are seriously concernedand disappointed over the way the Israeli defence companies are doing business in Turkey … The situation is quite grim. There is a rapid erosion of trust which had taken years to build up.´11صفقه تطوير افينوكس 7 طائرات نقل و عرضت IAI المشاركه في التمويل لكن يبدو ان الصفق لم تتم لاختلافات ماليه F-4 Phantom (new batch):As a result, the Turkish Air Force wants the next batch of F-4s to be upgraded in a joint programme with IAI. IAI would provide the technology and perform the systems integration work at the 1st Air Supply and Maintenance Centre in Eskisehir, located northwest of Ankara.
    نظرا لنجاح الصفقه الاولي ارادت تركيا تطوير مزيد من طائرات اف 4 و لكن في تركيا في برنامج مشترك في تركيا
    ارادات تركيا من اسرائيل نقل التنكولوجيا و اتمام تكامل الانظمه في اول مركز للامداد و صيانه الطائرات في اسكيسهير جنوب غرب انقره
    Helicopters upgradeIsrael Military Industries (IMI) Ltd has won a $US110million tender to equip Turkish Armed Forces’ helicopters with electronic warfare systems.16 It appears that Turkey has awarded IMI a follow-up $US57 million contract to equip its military helicopters with chaff-flare dispensers. However, this time IMI will be a subcontractor to Aselsan, which will integrate the dispensers onthe helicopters.17
    فازت اسرائيل بصفقه بقيمه 110 مليون دولار لتطوير المروحيات التركيه بانظمه حرب الكترونيه
    و يبدوان تركيا اهدت اسرائيل صفقه لاحقه بقيمه 57 مليون دولار لتزويد الهليكوبترات بالمشتتات الحراريه

    و لكن هذه المره تدخل الشركه الاسرائيليه الفائزه IMI كمقاول تحت الشركه التركيه اسيلسان 
    S-70 Blackhawk:Elbit Systems said it has received a $US14 million contract from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) for the upgrade of the Sikorsky S-70 Blackhawk helicopters of the Turkish Armed Forces Command. The programme will be implemented in two phases over 46.5 months, beginning with a 30-month development phase.18صفقه بقيمه 14 مليون دولار لتطوير مروحيات سيكورسكي بلاك هوك التركيه لشركه البيت الاسرائيليهUnmanned Aerial Vehicles subcontracting workالطائرات بدون طيارAccording to industry sources, the Turkish aerospace subsidiary, Tusas, will be the Turkish partner of Elbit Systems and Israel Aircraft Industries, splitting some 75% of the deal to purchase a network of Israeli UAVs and ground stations.19Defense Newsfurther expanded on the issue of the UAVs' procurement and cited an SSM official who said that Turkey’s local industry would provide sub-systems andservices amounting to 30% [and not 75%] of the contract. The Turkish `Yes´ to the Israeli consortium for the UAV deal has caused suspicion from US industry sources.20 For the US reaction, see Section 3.
    طبقا لمصادر عسكريه شركه صناعات الطيران التركيه توساس ستكون الشريك التركي لشركه البيت الاسرائيليه يقتسمان 75% من صفقه شراء شبكه طائرات بدون طيار اسرائيليه و محطاتها الارضيه
    مصادر اخري تقول ان المكون التركي سيكون 30% فقط و ليس 75%
    الموافقه التركيه للصفقه الاسرائيليه اثارت شكوك امريكيه
    1.2. Tank upgrade M-60تطوير الدبابات ام 60 Industrial aspectsIn April 2001, due to an economic crisis, Turkey froze plans to purchase a newtank. In early December 2001 Turkey cancelled negotiations with Israel to upgrade its 170 US-built M-60 tanks. The reason given was the large gap between the Turkish and Israeli pricing of the deal. According to Turkish officials, `We asked the Israelis to decrease the price from $US700 million to $US550 million if they wanted the deal. However, our offer was rejected.´ The officials further added that The Turkish participation in the project was valued at about $US75 million. This suggestion was also found unacceptable. As a result, we cancelled the deal with Israel.´21
    في ابريل 2001 نظرا للازمه الاقتصاديه صرفت تركيا النظر عن شراء دبابات جديده
    في ديسمبر 2001 الغيت الصفقه مع اسرائيل لتطوير دبابات ام 60 تركيه في اسرائيل نظرا للتباين في الاسعار حيث طلبت اسرائيل 700 مليون و عرضت تركيا 550 مليون فقط
    However, Turkey decided to resume talks with Israel on upgrading the tank. Highlevel Turkish sources said that Turkey attaches a lot of importance to Israel as a good friend .An additional source also added that, `We believe a middle way will be found´.22 Between mid-January and early March 2002 Turkey put out a new tender for the M-60 upgrade. According to Internet sources, IMI won the contract, worth $US700 million. As part of the deal, the company agreed to set up a productionline in Turkey and to transfer technology for the manufacture of some of the
    components to Turkish companies. (For the issue of technology transfer, 
    لكن رغم ذلك استمرت تركيا في المفاوضات مع اسرائيل و اعزت ذلك الي ايلاء تركيا اهميه كبيره لاسرائيل بصفتها صديق قريب
    في مارس 2002 وضعت تركيا شروط جديده و فازت شركه IMI الاسرائيليه بالعقد بقيمه 700 مليون دولار مقابل انشاء خط انتاج في تركيا و نقل تكنولوجيا و صناعه بعض المكونات في شركات تركيه However, Israel rejected Turkey’s demand that this include theprocedures for manufacturing the armour. IMI committed $US100 million to setting up a production line for the tank project in Turkey.24The tanks will be upgraded in a Turkish Army Repair and Maintenance Facility in the central Anatolian town of Kayseri; subcontracted Turkish companies Aselsan and Machines and ChemicalIndustry Corporation (also known as Makina Ve Kimya Endustrisi Kurumu (MKEK) AS in Turkish) will provide local input under IMI's leadership.25 Officials in Tel Aviv and Ankara said that the upgrade programme would give Turkey the ability to mass produce the tank and key systems and components, many of which were developed for Israel’s latest Merkava-4 main battle tank. After the initial cost of setting up an assembly line at Kayseri, the unit price for the improvements, currently about $US4million per platform, would decrease.26و لكن اسرائيل رفضت المطالب التركيه لتضمين صناعه الدرع ايضاشركه IMI الاسرائيليه خصصت 100 مليون دولار من اجل انشاء خط انتاج في تركيا 
    الشركات التركيه اسيلسان و شركه الصناعات الميكانيكيه و الكيمائيه ستعملان تحت شركه IMI الاسرائيليه 
    المسئولون الاتراك و الاسرائيليون صرحوا بأن برنامج التطوير سيعطي تركيا القدره علي الانتاج الكمي للدبابه وانظمتها الرئيسيه و مكوناتها الذين تم تطوير العديد منهم من اجل احدث دبابه اسرائيليه ميركافا 4بعد التكلفه المبدئيه من اجل انشاء خط انتاج تكلفه التطوير للوحده الواحده 4 مليون دولار ستقل

    نهايه الجزء الاول
    ISBN البحث 1-905058-38-1 و سيتم ارفاقه كله عند انتهاء السلسله بأذن الله 

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