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مرحباً بك إلى المنتدى العربي للعلوم العسكرية!

إذا كنت مهتم بالعلوم و الأخبار العسكرية ، فضلاً قم بالإنضمام إلى الموقع لتعم الفائدة.


تغطية معرض IDEX 2017 الاوكراني للصناعات العسكرية

المشاركات الموصى بها

تغطية معرض  IDEX 2017 الاوكراني للصناعات العسكرية في العاصمة كييف


Minister of Defence of Ukraine 




Chinese VT4 main battle tank 










new FT-200 FH remotely piloted helicopter




Brazilian company FT SISTEMAS displayed its new FT-200 FH remotely piloted helicopter 


FT-200 FH is a remotely piloted helicopter that has a configuration in counter-rotating rotors, optimized for cargo loading. The new UAV has transport capacity, autonomy and endurance that respond to field situations requiring specific demands for greater versatility and operational facility. The new product can be used to accomplish defense, security and civilian market applications. The 200FH is a high performance, multi-functional system, an unmanned helicopter that can reach over 100 kilometers with autonomy over 10 hours of flight, being able to carry up to 50kg of payload.


The military and homeland security use of UAVs is fundamental to fight criminal organizations engaged in illegal activities in the territory including urban centers and borders. The 200FH technology allows faster, precise, efficient and reliable data collection for decision-making.


The 200FH brings advanced technologies in aeronautics, micromechanics and propulsive systems, and it is embedded with sophisticated, high-performance sensor technology, having an exclusive navigation and autopilot  systems. The technology developed by FT SISTEMAS is the result of several years of research and development to meet requirements of the Brazilian Armed Forces and private customers.












Ukrainian Dozor-B armoured personnel carrier












LimpidArmor Presents New Prototype of HoloLens Helmet at IDEX 2017







4 camera modules into 360-degree panorama with interactive tips displayed at virtual screen in Microsoft Hololens augmented reality glasses










Rheinmetall Survivor R protected tactical operations vehicle الالمانية













Ukraine unveiled new «Varan» amphibious armoured personnel carriers  











IDEX 2017 Poland develops DragonFly combat unmanned quadrocopter




WB Electronics S.A., the continuator of technological transformation in the Polish army and the defence sector, has developed new DragonFly combat unmanned quadrocopter.


The DragonFly micro unmanned quadrocopter designed in order to support the following combat operations, depending on the payload in use:


  1. Surveillance, detection, recognition and identification of the objects of interest (EO/IR payload GS9),
  2. Detection and strike against the enemy personnel (EO-fragmentation charge warhead),
  3. Detection and strike against the enemy’s light armored vehicles (EO-linear cumulative charge warhead).

The DragonFly drone had a speed of 54 km/h and could carry a payload of 1.5 kg to a range of 10 km with an endurance of 20 minutes.


The payloads are interchangeable by sharing common interfaces. The DragonFly combat unmanned quadrocopter can be operated as an autonomous and independent system, being transported by the army or special forces troops.













Georgia unveils new unmanned attack helicopter IDEX 2017






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