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ظهور جديد للدبابة الاوكرانية المطورة T-84 في تدريبات مشتركة مع المانيا والناتو

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During the practical phase of Combined Resolve X international exercises at the training site near Hohenfels, Bayern, Germany, Ukraine’s T-84 main battle tanks proved their high effectiveness.

That was reported by press service of the UkrOboronProm.

The airborne company of 79 AABr and the tank platoon of 14 SMBr accomplished a march, having several times engaged in battle with hypothetical aggressor, delivering fire from the ambush.


“In particular, during the clashes, several enemy “Abrams” tanks were dead. Without significant losses, the jointed subunit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to reach the point of destination,” – reports the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the details of the exercises in the framework of Combined Resolve X.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with T-84 tanks, equipped with a 125-mm autoloader-equipped gun, which, among other things, is capable of firing controlled precision anti-tank missiles with a target destruction range of about 5 km. 1200-horsepower engine allows an almost 50-ton T-84 tank attain a top speed of 70 km / h. The most up-to-date Ukrainian active armor and a complex of electron-optic counteraction from controlled weapons are responsible for protection of the tank.



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