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مرحباً بك إلى المنتدى العربي للعلوم العسكرية!

إذا كنت مهتم بالعلوم و الأخبار العسكرية ، فضلاً قم بالإنضمام إلى الموقع لتعم الفائدة.

ATL-SS Pir4te

الماريـنز الإندونسيـة تعـرض احـدث قطع مدرعـاتها الروسيـة BMP-3F فـى معـرض الدفـاع الإندونيسـى 2016 .

المشاركات الموصى بها




عـرضت مشـاة البحريـة الإندونسيـة أحـدث قـطعها المـدرعـة القتاليـة الروسيـة Kuganmashzavod BMP-3F فـى معـرض الدفـاع الإندونيسـى 2016 و حـسب الـخبر ان القطـعة الحربيـة مدرعـة بشـكل جيـد و برجـها يتنـاسب مع شخـصيـن مزود بمدفـع عيـار 100 مـللى قـادر على اطـلاق الذخيـرة الحيـة التقليديـة و كذلـك القذائـف الموجـهه بالليـزر و المدفـع لـه مـدى اقصـى 5000 متـر .



The Indonesian Marines are displaying one of their latest Russian Kuganmashzavod BMP-3F infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) at Indo Defence 2016.



The BMP-3F is very well armed, fitted with a two-person turret with a 100mm gun that fires both conventional natures of ammunition and a laser-guided projectile (LGP). This has a maximum range of 5,000m and is fitted with a tandem high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead to neutralise targets fitted with explosive reactive armour (ERA).



Mounted co-axial with the 100mm gun is a 30mm cannon and a 7.62mm machine gun (MG). A 7.62mm MG is additionally mounted in either side of the bow firing forwards.



The BMP-3F is optimised for amphibious operations and is propelled in the water by two powerful water jets mounted either side under the rear of the hull.



A lightweight anti-surge vane has been fitted around the front of the turret. Prior to entering the water, a trim vane is erected at the front of the hull, bilge pumps activated and a telescopic snorkel erected on the right side to the rear of the turret.



The BMP-3 is one of the best selling Russian armoured fighting vehicles and in addition to being sold to Indonesia in the BMP-3F configuration, sales of the standard BMP-3 have been made to many countries including Cyprus, Republic of Korea, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.



In addition to the baseline BMP-3 IFV, many specialised versions have been developed and placed in production, including the BREM-L armoured recovery vehicle, various anti-tank vehicles fitted with guided missiles, driver training vehicles and engineer vehicles.

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